Sunday, October 4, 2009

Make a Difference this October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! All across the country people are participating in fundraisers, benefit walks and buying products with the pink ribbon logo to raise money for the cure.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer has dropped two percent per year since 1990 thanks in part to the increased awareness of the pink ribbon campaign. That means about 15,000 women avoided death in 2009 due to breast cancer. Still, 200,000 women will be told they have breast cancer this year and 40,000 will die from the disease in the United States alone. A lot's been accomplished, there's still a lot to be done.

I participated in the Susan G. Komen walk June 6th in Hartford, CT last summer. It was a great experience to be among other people effected by this disease in a fundraising effort that will help other women like me. The good feeling resonates even more when you are "back in the saddle" of living--completely healthy and engaged in your normal routine.

I urge you to visit the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website to find out how you can do something this month to impact the cure for breast cancer.  If you don't have time to participate in the many breast cancer walks taking place across the country, simply buy something with a pink ribbon on it. A portion of the merchandise profits go towards breast cancer research. Go to or to find numerous products, gifts and giveaways with the pink ribbon logo.

Making a difference can be as easy buying a few things while picking up the groceries. For instance, today on my weekly sojourn to Walmart, I picked up flower bulbs from EuroBlooms LLC which has a Plant For Hope project. Each bulb pack costs $5 and 30 percent of that money will go towards the Susan G. Komen for The Cure fund. Don't you just love those Ped Eggs to smooth away rough calluses off your feet? Pick up a pink ribbon Ped Egg and the company will donate a portion of you purchase towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you already have one, give one as a gift or buy a second one for your toiletry travel bag.

Just think, when we combine all of our small efforts to fighting breast cancer this month together, it can add up to a lot of saved lives. That saved life may be your mother, your sister, your best friend--or you.

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