Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Your biography becomes your biology."--Caroline Myss, PH.D., Medical Intuitve, Author, Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, Anatomy of the Spirit, The Creation of Health

The moment I discovered I had breast cancer, I asked myself, how did I get this disease? And what could I have done differently to prevent it? My doctors told me my cancer sprung from environmental, not genetic factors since I did not test positive for the breast cancer gene. Some experts say cancer comes from tainted water that flows from the faucets of our homes.

Metaphysical writers such as Louise Hay (author of You Can Heal Your Life) and Caroline Myss claim that sickness and diseases actually manifest themselves from the blocked chakras of our bodies where negative emotions sit stewing. Those bad feelings act as toxins within us and begin to attack our health in specific chakra areas related to the personal issues we struggle with.

For instance, I spoke to a Yoga instructor at a party once, and she reasoned that breast cancer is common among divorced women. She believes this because bitterness and resentment--often part of the divorce emotional landscape--emits from the fourth chakra that rules love and not surprisingly sits in the heart area. Given that, a man that has a massive heart attack or a woman that has breast cancer is probably dealing with some serious heartache that is literally eating away at that part of their body--so say the spritual experts.

For myself, I started reading books on the power of emotional healing and how it impacts your physical health simply because I wanted to do everything possible to keep history from repeating itself. I figured, if I was still pissed about something from the past and that anger had been part of what started my cancer, what would prevent the disease from coming back?

So, per Louise Hay's advise, I concentrated on forgiveness and letting go. If I felt myself get worked up over a recent or past indignity, I whispered, let it go, let it go, let it go. I even went to a local spiritual advisor who recommended I do others things to continue the path toward physical healing. Here's the advise she gave to me:

Take time to walk, bike or jog outside and engage with nature. To use an old adage, stop and smell the roses.

Go out, have fun and laugh with your friends.

Make your home a sanctuary where you can read, meditate and create in a peaceful and soothing environment.

Express your creativity. Do what brings you joy and keeps you in the present moment--whether it's writing, drawing, singing, dancing or cooking. By doing so, you get your own unique stamp out into the universe. It makes you feel you're making an impact on the world.

So there you have it. It's Sunday and I feel like I just got off the pulpit after preaching.

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