Friday, November 6, 2009

Chin Up

I gotta tell you, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease--at least that's the way it working out for me. After being sick last weekend, I was left with a dry hacking cough. And on Monday I was really coughing badly. I took a lot of vitamin C and it the coughing calmed down as the week progressed. But then I realized my lower abdomen was seriously bulging out.

I thought it was just fluid, since I had a revised tummy tuck last summer, the drain fell out too soon, so the plastic surgeon had to expirate the fluid. I went to the surgeon yesterday and showed her my stomach. The first thing she asked was: Have you been coughing alot? I told her yes, especially last Monday. She said the protrusion wasn't fluid but probably a hernia, plus the inner stitches may have come undone!

I have to get a CAT scan on Tuesday, but if she's right, I may have to have my abdomen operated on again. That would be the third time! I just don't want to have to go through this again. All this surgery I've had has been to put the pieces of my body back together after all the damage that was done last year. It just never ends! I'm really getting down about it.

Then there's the other fear. What if this abdomen protrusion is all a bunch of cancer!!1 The horror! I'm very scared. All I can tell myself is, chin up Marcy, chin up, stay positive.

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