Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't Take Your Health For Granted

Yeah! The CAT scan showed that I had water in my abdomen because the drain had accidentally fallen out too early last summer after my last surgery.

So, I have to go into Bridgeport Hospital next Wednesday and have another drain put in for two weeks to finally get all this water out. Thank God it was just water. I was thoroughly convinced I had liver cancer. And to be fair, I didn't do what my doctor said and wear the Spanx girdles everyday to keep the water from building up.

Lesson learned? Always do what your doctor says, otherwise complications arise. Now I have to go through yet another minor surgery because of a setback that I'm partly responsible for.

Which leads me to the theme of the day, once you get cancer, don't take your health for granted. After days of anxiety before I received news of the CAT scan result, I vowed to myself that I would start exercising regularly again. The cancer treatments and reconstruction surgeries have seriously set back my fitness level, because my legs were too numb to get on a treadmill. All I've been able to do is walk and ride my bike. I want to get physically strong again.

Also, the food list Dr. Zigo , of the Center for Natural Healing, gave me has hardly been referenced. She told me to cut out the meat, eggs and dairy and ramp up the fruit and vegetables. I've pretty much ignored her advise. Shame on me. Since I haven't been feeling well for the past month, I've lost weight but I feel fragile, not strong, because I've lost so much muscle tone over the past year.

About the only thing good I've done is sleep alot. On weekends I'll sleep maybe 10 hours. Okay, enough about me. What I'm trying to say is, when you get a second chance, you owe to yourself to take care of yourself, to honor your broken body and restore it back to health.

I promised myself that I would do this last spring when I layed in the Intensive Care unit of Winthrop Hospital for four days. I remember thinking, never again do I want to be in this place, never again. So it's time to spring into action.

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