Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dizzy Blonde No More

Throughout this whole car buying business, I got caught up in the beaureaucratic red tape at the Department of Motor Vehicles that forced me to face my lack of responsibility. I waited two hours yesterday to get my care registered. When I finally got called to process the paperwork, I was told I owed back taxes on my old car and would have to pay it before registration for the new car could move forward.

Thank God the back taxes were only $86.00, but the loss of time in the middle of the day cost me much more. I've alway excused my lack of discipline for paying bills and cleaning house by saying: "I have other things to offer the world, such as my creativity!

But having been on the receiving end of that excuse with Joe, who couldn't fix anything around the house, and vowed out of any grunge work with the excuse: "I'm no good at that. I just want to entertain by playing the guitar." I realized he didn't bring much to the table of our relationship by shirking off the mundanities. Over time, it made me angry that he refused to pitch in. Choosing to play the guitar instead of cleaning the kitchen, just makes chaos build.

Rolling up your sleeves to take care of dirty work becomes all the more important as you get older. After all, you can't rely on your youthful beauty and charm anymore to get by. Now that I'm well, I'm determined to face the unpleasant tasks in life with courage and maturity. I'm 53, even if my blonde hair back, I can't rely on the dizzy blonde act. There's no excuses anymore.

How does this relate to cancer? When you get a second chance, you've got to put your house in order. You're not going to die. So you might as well make the remainder of your life as good as possible. And when you take care of business, stress gets under control. That actually makes like more enjoyable.

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