Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls' Night Out

I'm so excited. This weekend--on both Saturday night and Sunday night--I'm meeting up with friends to kick up my heels and have some fun. I really need to blow off some steam since I've worked hard lately. I saw doctor Ott on Thursday and she was so excited about how my final breast reconstruction turned out she took a bunch of pictures. I asked her if I could see the pictures she took with my old boobs to compare them with the new ones. She commented that not all her reconstructions turn out so well. I will be seeing her again in May to see if any additional tweaking has to be done.

Now it's back to life as it once was before I had breast cancer. I'm just wiser for the wear. Yes, there is an end to the nightmare. As I think about, if I had known how well Dr. Ott was going to put my body back together again two years ago, it would have saved me a lot of angst. But then hind sight is always twenty-twenty isn't it?

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