Monday, May 3, 2010

The Merry Month of May

This is my favorite month of the year--May. Yesterday, I pulled my car off the side of road and pulled a bunch of lilacs from a bush that looked free of anyone's property. Now they are sitting on my dining room table in a crystal vase and filling my home with the fresh, clean scent of early spring.

I visited the Elephant's Trunk flea market for the first time this year, and reveled in the frenzy of the fast-talking negotiations between the dealers and visitors. I love the hunt for a treasure I have no idea I want until I see it sitting ever so humbly on linen-covered table. That's when the dialogue begins with a vendor and I discover just how much the object of my desire means to me.

I left the flea market a mere 12 dollars poorer yesterday, but on other days the damage to my wallet has been much greater.

I love walking or biking along the Housatonic River Walk between Derby and Ansonia on Sunday mornings and taking in all the budding trees, inhaling the sweet blossoms. Whether in Minnesota or Connecticut, it doesn't get any better i n the month of May


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