Sunday, May 30, 2010

Someone Stop Suzanne Somers

So Dawn, her daughter Val and I had a our own Sex & The City 2 Preview party on Friday night and went to the movie. I loved watching all the amazing clothes, courtesy of famed NYC stylist Patricia Field. But if I had a 10 million dollar budget, I think I would have done a good job, too.

What upset me was when Kim Cattrell's character, Samantha, carried on about taking biodentical hormones because she read Suzanne Somers' book, Breakthrough. Samantha Jones had breast cancer in the TV series. And if you've had breast cancer, you don't touch hormone therapy with a 10-foot pole. Someone was NOT doing their research for that movie--and it pisses me off.

This movie is sending a message that it's okay to keep pumping estrogen into your body after breast cancer--even though estrogen is often the culprit that starts breast cancer in the first place!!!!!

As I mentioned in earlier blogs, I read Suzanne Somers book, Ageless, in 2006 and bought into biodentical hormone therapy hook, line and sinker, Just like Samantha Jones in the latest Sex & The City movie, all I wanted was to feel younger and sexier. Come to find out a year and a half later, it was not worth the price. I was actually feeding the malignant tumors in my breasts and making them grow faster! Who knows, had I not taken biodentical hormones, maybe I would have just had to have a lumpectemy instead of a double mastectomy.

I have emailed Suzanne Somers and Oprah Winfrey about this subject and I have been ignored.

PLEASE, someone stop this Suzanne Somers. She is creating a risk for breast cancer to countless women all over the world. They need to know the full story!!! It could save their breasts, it could save their lives!!!

Had I not followed her advise, I could still have both of my real breasts today.

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