Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Alive

Today I called Dr. Anke Ott-Young's assistant to schedule a final procedure in which Dr. Ott-Young will fill in a dented scar on my left breast with fat to perfect my cleavage. Dr. Ott-Young promised me she would take care of this before I embarked on a Mediterranean Cruise, July 9th. "You deserve this vacation after all you've been through and I want you to look great in a bathing suit on the cruise," she exclaimed.

When I asked her about her own vacation plans, she said she would not be able to take time off this summer because she had too many new breast patients. Linda, her assistant, confirmed this as she tried to squeeze me in. Apparently, Dr.Ott-Young has taken on 10 new breast cancer patients in Connecticut alone--and all of the women are under 40 years old. One of her new patients is only 28 and still nursing a baby.

Never mind the fact that Dr. Ott-Young has two daughters under eight years old, a high-powered financier husband and two ailing older parents living in Germany. Every day, Dr. Ott-Young puts her cancer-stricken patients first.

I am so grateful to all my doctors. Dr. Mary Pronovost, my breast surgeon, had to be the bearer of bad news and tell me a mastectomy was necessary for my survival. She taught me to think long term and not fret the immediacy of my treatment. She told me to trust the process and everything would work out. She was right. That 10 months of treatment went by in a snap. I covered my bald head for all of eight months--not much time for someone who's lived 51 years.

The humble, Harvard-educated Dr. Neil Fischback, mixed a chemo cocktail so unique to my particular breast cancer, that he has been written up in several medical journals for completely obliterating a tumor the size of a baseball in my left breast. Dr. Susan Dunbar, my radiation doctor, told me: "Do you realized how famous your case is because of what Dr.Fischback achieved?" According to Dr.Dunbar, when they "bread loaved" my left breast tissue, it was completely void of even the tiniest microscopic cancer cell.

Had it not been for these dedicated and talented doctors, who knows where I would be today? One thing I know for sure, thanks to them, I'm alive.


  1. Hi Marcy,
    I'm not sure how I came across your blog. It may have been from the site? Anyway, I also had a bilateral mastectomy on 3/30/10,4 months of chemo with Dr. Folman, another oncologist that works with Dr.Fischbeck, and I just had my reconstruction surgery on 8/25/10.Dr. Kim was my plastic surgeon. I say "was" because she did my surgery on 8/25 and moved to join another practice in Beverly Hills on 8/28. Dr. Kim's patients are now being seen by Dr. Ott Young. I saw her for the first time last Thursday for my surgery follow up, and I'm seeing her again next Thursday. Can you tell me more about how and also the main reasons why she does the fat injections. Dr. Kim spoke to me about it before my surgery, but to be honest the last few months have beena blur.
    I'm happy that you are now a survivor!!!


  2. Today I sit her a 40 year old just told I would have to have a mastectomy. Hard to swollow, however Dr. Young will be my plstic surgeon and Dr.Hodyl my breat surgeon, with the blog above I tam confident I will get through this with flying colors and pretty boobs, of course>

  3. It is now Feb 2011.Im sure you are now a survivor. you have been very fortunate to have met Dr.Hodyl and Dr Young .They are a ying and yang pair. There talent and skill does not exceed there kindness and compassion.Good luck!