Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Normal

Here I am, sitting secure in the saddle of life as I knew it--pre-cancer. Once again, I'm dealing with how to keep my fine blonde hair fluffy in the humidity (didn't have that issue two summers ago!) and lamenting that boarding a sale a day during the work week sometimes feels like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

The difference between now and two years ago, is that when I go through the mundanities of life, I will never let a day go by without taking a moment to revel in pleasure. I savor the taste of farmer's market corn and tomatos. I look forward to having the swimming pool all to myself on weekday evenings and float like an embryo in the temperate water until I feel all the stress and muscle aches of the day dissapate.

I watch what I want on TV and only go to bed when I'm tired. Conversely, I try to sleep until my body tell me it's well rested. Yes I am more content, but I am also more focused on what I want to accomplish in this lifetime.

I know when to go with the flow, but I also know when it's crucial to aggressive and go after what I want. I am trying to temper my reputed impulsiveness and embrace the trait my family says I've always lacked: common sense.

When I want to act on a impulse: I consciousless pull myself out of the moment. And tell myself, wait, take time to think this through. It's been tremedously liberating.

Not that I want to completely abandon my easy, breezy ways! I am planning to go to Brimfield, Massachusetts right after to Labor Day weekend, to experience the buying frenzy of perhaps the biggest, flea market/antique show in the country. Can't wait!

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