Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Support Your Local Businesses That Recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am so impressed by some of the local businesses in my area that have thought up creative ways to raise money for breast cancer this coming October--which is breast cancer awareness month. One of my customers is participating in a fundraising event called: Walk A Mile In Her Shoes. Carl and many other upstanding citizens from Seymour, CT are going to walk a mile dressed in high heels and a dress. He is asking for donations in the name of Breast Cancer Research so people can laugh at his expense.

A local beauty salon is offering clients a pink streak in their hair for 8 dollars. All proceeds go to breast cancer research. I will be the bartender serving up pink bellini martinis at a cocktail party on October 20th at the Blue Lotus Nail Salon & Spa in Shelton, CT where a variety of vendors will showcase their merchandise and give five percent of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

I like to participate at the grass roots level when it comes to breast cancer fundraising to encourage local businesses to keep on giving to a worthy cause. These business owners are doing this from the goodness of their hearts, so please support your local businesses next month as they step up to the plate to fight breast cancer. Thank you.

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