Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breast Cancer Rising Among Women Under 40

The comment I received today from a woman who is only 40 years old and about to have a mastectomy, made me ask this question: Why is breast cancer rising among younger women? Dr. Ott-Young told me that one of her more recent cases is a young mother with an infant that is only 28 years old--that also just had a mastectomy. Said Dr. Ott-Young: She should be nursing her baby with her breasts, not losing them." She firmly believes the rise of breast cancer among women in their 30s and even 20s is a result of our environment.

The question is, what's in the environment that's doing this? Is it the water? The air? I recently found out there was landfill underneath my townhouse, which my condo association says is one reason the building is moving. But now I'm wondering if that's why I got breast cancer. After all, the woman who lived across the street from me died of ovarian cancer just three years ago.

Since I can remember, my mother told me there was no way I would get breast cancer because we had no history of it in our family. Clearly, all of us can throw that theory out the window.

We've got to implore all the breast cancer research organizations that we support to get to the bottom of this enviromental mystery. Maybe then we can change this scary trend. Maybe then women with a whole life ahead of them won't have to undergo the exhausting battle against breast cancer.

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