Saturday, December 4, 2010

Create A Sanctuary

As the cold blast of winter sets in, we all begin to retreat indoors. Now more than any other time of year, my home becomes a sanctuary of creature comforts. It's a place to soothe the stresses of the day, nestled on the couch with a cozy throw blanket, a hot drink and a burning fireplace.

To put a positive spin on a bad situation, if you happened to be going through cancer treatment, it's not a bad time. I went through chemo in the spring and summer. I couldn't wear the expensive wigs I bought because sweat would constantly stream down my face. So I ended up wearing cotton handkerchiefs topped by straw hats instead (a la Alicia Keys). My brother's ex-girlfriend, who also had breast cancer, was bald in the winter and said the wigs and wooly hats actually kept her bald head warm.

When you are sick in bed recovering from a chemo treatment, you can enjoy a Sex & The City DVDs or a Rocky marathon on TV--you're doing what everyone else is doing during down time in the winter. At least you're not sitting home sick while everyone is at the beach.

So as long as you are stuck home, you might as well make it nice. Create a luxurious sanctuary for yourself where you can recharge your batteries and heal. Candles, sumptuous pillows, mirrors and beautiful artwork in my living space works for me. I finally finished redecorating my powder room bathroom. I got a new granite top vanity, and I had the walls painted in this golden-yellow tuscan finish. It reminds me of my vacation last summer touring the Tuscan countryside outside of Florence, Italy. Just walking into that bathroom brings back great memories.

My home is a private place--and not just anyone can come in. It is only for those who are truly special in my life. Make your home a sanctuary that is surrounded only with people, pets and things that give you true joy. It will help support the healing of your body and soul.

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