Monday, January 24, 2011

Becoming Samantha

As a die-hard Sex & The City fan, I relate most to both characters Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones. But whenever I do those Facebook quizzes to find out which Sex & The City character I most resemble, Carrie Bradshaw comes up as the answer every time. And yet, I've told my friends that are also Sex & The City fans, that I'm really a Carrie Bradshow evolving into a Samantha Jones.

Why? Because as time goes by I have become less emotional and more detached when it comes to romantic liasions--just like Samantha. This character loves her life as a successful, independent woman and isn't willing to get swallowed up in an involvement that takes away from her identity. When it unwittingly happened to Samantha in the first Sex & The City movie, she walked away. I relate to her feelings of guilt over leaving her boyfriend Smith because he had stood by her during her breast cancer diagnosis and chemo.

But after treatment, your life goes on. Even though you must acknowledge those who stood by you, feeling indebted to someone shouldn't hold you back. Samantha is the oldest character of the Sex & The City foursome--hovering in her early fifties. That means she's probably gone through menopause. She's no longer a victim to hormones clouding her brain. That's why she can be so nonchalant as men trot in and out of her life.

The second chemo treatment I had back in May 2008, forced me into menopause. I thought my period would eventually come back, but it never did. Since then, I don't fret if it works out with a guy or it doesn't. I just carry on. If someone wants to be part of my life, they can wine me and dine me a bit. Just because I'm a breast cancer survivor, doesn't mean I'm not worth it. Similarly, having breast cancer never shattered Samantha's belief in her own fabulousity.

I am so excited about this year's possibilities and what I intend to accomplish. I can't believe how how much more detached I've become toward men and how focused I've become on crafting a better future. Samantha had it right all along.

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  1. You are worth it. If Samantha can teach you anything its that you should embrace every aspect of yourself and you have no reason not to be confident. While this independence is incredibly important, Carrie's desire for love isn't a bad thing either. I suppose ultimately its about finding the right balance of Samantha and Carrie for you. I hope there will be some quality wine and dines for you in the coming year to test out your theory.