Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Kids Left Behind

It's hard for me to write about women who've lost their battle with breast cancer--particularly when they've left children behind. All Elizabeth Edwards wanted was to see her youngest child graduate from High School before she died. Alas, it was not meant to be. The image of her two younger kids at her funeral was heartbreaking for me.

I can only imagine the difficulties those two kids have already encountered navigating life without their devoted mom. There are so many things kids--particularly girls--take for granted when their mother is there. As each milestone of life presents itself--the first period, making the cheerleading squad, the first boyfriend--a teen will be reminded that mom is not there to share the experience.

The loss, the void in their life, comes up again and again, when they are denied the moment to say: Hey mom, guess what? I received an email from Beth, who lost her mom to breast cancer right after she turned 14 years old. She is in the process of trying to put together a documentary about her experience. I also have a dear friend who lost her mother to breast cancer when she was 15 years old. When she found out I had breast cancer, I was touched by how much she wanted to help me during treatment. She has also been generous with financial support when I've walked the Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure.

I am surprised that Madonna--who's mom died of cancer when she was only five years old--has not been more active in the fight against breast cancer considering how it effected her childhood. She has the power to impact all the kids who have undergone a similar situation. Anyway, I think Beth has a very important story to tell. I invite you to take a peak at her trailer that I posted on this blog.

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