Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's The Grace, Humor and Style?

This blog of mine has been evolving for a year and a half now. So with the new year upon us, I couldn't help but look at this thing I've created and ask myself if it's staying true to my mission.

I scrolled down through the blogs, the You Tube embeds, and pictures and asked myself, where's the grace? I found it in my blog about Elizabeth Edwards and my blogs about creating a beautiful environment in which to heal. I think of the classy women I try to imitate--Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepurn and Elizabeth Edwards. They gave of themselves to others. They acted with dignity in the face of adversity. My blogs reference acts of giving, and maintaining a facade of serenity when you feel like crap.

So where's the humor? Got plenty of that. I love downloading these happy You Tube dances of young survivors, and the Happy Glove dance put on by an Oregon Hospital during Breast Cancer Awarenes month. In my blogs, I laugh at myself alot. I've got good stories about my bald period that make great cocktail party chat.

And where's the style? I've got to step that up a bit. I did reference the fab leggings from Vera Wang at Kohl's, but gals going through breast cancer need to know more about great accessories--how to wrap wonderful scarves around their bald heads accented by bold earrings. My followers need to know how to apply soft eyeliner and how to create natural-looking brows when they have no hair. I wish I could tell you how to apply false eyelashes, but I never quite got the hang of that.

So in 2011, I plan to focus more on fashion and how it relates to women going through breast cancer treatment. I'm a former accessories editor, so I feel well qualified to give this advise. Until then!

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