Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change Happens

"Adapt To Change Quickly: The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese."--Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, MD

I just finished my first week working for a new employer. During the first two days I went through the usual nerve-racking adjustments of getting used to a different corporate culture and new environment. I believe there was a moment when I thought: I was so comfortable at my old job, what was I thinking?

But by Thursday,there was no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision. Like many other industries, the internet has impacted traditional venues for advertising. That's why I chose to work for a company that offers compelling internet advertising packages. As I went through this career transition, I kept thinking of the book, Who Moved My Cheese? The book is a parable of two mice that anticipated change and fearlessly ran toward a new direction, and two mice that sat stuck in denial over how change hurt their food supply. They refused to do anything and the world as they knew it fell apart.

It would be easy for me to stay put for fear my breast cancer would come back again. My former employer treated me very well during my battle with cancer and chances are they would have treated me well if I got sick again. It would have been easy for me to stay because of my age. In 11 years, I will be eligible for retirement. But I chose not to let those factors keep me from making changes, which will force me to grow. Like the book says, it's never good when you get too comfortable.

Before I started my job, I took a quick trip to Palm Beach, Florida to visit family and friends. Wouldn't you know, at the airport in White Plains I ran into my breast surgeon Mary Pronovost and plastic surgeon Dr. Anke Ott-Young. They were on their way to a breast cancer symposium in Washington D.C. They both commented that I looked great, and asked when I planned on getting a check-up with them again. I replie: Do I have to do that so soon? Dr. Pronovost looked at Dr. Ott and said, "Clearly, she's moved on." I took that as a compliment. Then it occured to me, I was so busy getting a new job, traveling and carrying on with life that it had been awhile since battling breast cancer dominated what I did everyday. Thank God for change.

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