Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Something

On this lazy Sunday afternoon, I was trolling through my Comcast On Demand movies and came across this documentary of a breast cancer survivor, entitled 1 A Minute. The title takes its cue from the fact that worldwide, a woman dies of breast cancer once every minute. In the United States, a woman dies of breast cancer once every 13 minutes.

Definitely watch this movie if you are in the throws of breast cancer treatment. You will relate to the film maker's journey and it will give you hope. If you are a breast cancer survivor like me, watch this movie to be reminded how fortunate you are to be alive. But more than that, watch this movie to mobilize yourself and do something to fight breast cancer.

The movie talks a lot about the misconceptions of how women get breast cancer. Unlike previous medical naysayers, the majority of women are not pre-disposed to the get the disease because of their heredity. In fact, most of us, like me, got breast cancer due to environmental causes. The frustrating part is what part of envionment caused it. The water? The air? The food I ate? That alone is cause for us to question our environment regulations about our water, our landfills and air quality. For example, is it an accident that there are "hot spots" of breast cancer in Long Island that have tons of land fills?

At the end of the movie, the film maker implores us breast cancer survivors to do something. Whether it's raising money, writing to our congress men about environmental regulations, or supporting others going through breast cancer, it is our responsibility to give back. I am re-committed to do more than walk the Susan G. Komen race and write my blog. I KNOW the environment caused my breast cancer. That's where I want to do something. I hope you find a way to give back was well.

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  1. I saw 1Aminute last week. I couldn't sleep flipped through my channels saw and watched......
    It was very well done.
    We seriously need to become more proactive!
    Alli xx