Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Terror of Losing Your Hair

This is an important announcement for all of you ladies out there about to undergo a chemo-therapy adventure. The bad news? If the doctor says you have to go through chemo, nine times out of ten, you WILL lose your hair. Now, if you've heard some people don't lose their hair, I bear witness to the fact that is indeed true. My very first day of chemo I sat next to a woman with a full head of hair. Of course I asked the nurse what that was all about. Her response? Every once in awhile someone will go through a full round of chemo and never lose their. But those cases are few and far between--even though I did see one before my eyes at the Norma Pfriem Center.

The good news? Once you lose your hair, you will realize hair is highly over-rated. When you are bald, all you have to do is throw on a wig, a hat, a scarf or any combination of those two items and you are good to go. Add some big earrings, and you are really stylin'. Forget about the mousse, the gels, the blow-dryers and flat-irons. You can put all that stuff in the back of your bathroom cabinet for awhile. My bald days lasted from May to November 2008. And true to what my doctor told me, eight months of baldness during my 51-year life span is but a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things.

Enjoy your bald days ladies. Relish the fact that humidity and rain no longer rule over your confidence level. Feel good that for once in your life, you are immune to bad-hair days. Baldness is powerful. Why do you think so many guys are running around bald today? They figured this out long ago. Enjoy. Because before you know it, your hair will grow back again. That's when you've got to start making appointments to get your hair cut and colored. That's when you have to start pulling all that crap from the back of the bathroom cabinet in order to make yourself presentable for the day. And that's when you realize managing hair is a big job that takes way too much time out of your life!


  1. I have to agree - I actually liked the way I looked bald, so that was my look on weekends; but I had a lot of fun trying different scarf/wig looks for work. And I'm so with you on the big earrings - there's no better time to show those off! Bald chicks are sexy!

    It took years to grow out my hip-length bellydancer hair, and it was hard to wrap my brain around giving that up; but now it takes 10 seconds to throw on a long wig for a performance, and the rest of the time I get to show off my face and neck with a chic, super-short 'do.

  2. You said it sister!Too much time spent on my hair, and money for sure!