Saturday, May 28, 2011

Find Your Calling

As America bid farewell to the Oprah Show this past week, many of us were struck by her parting words of advice. She said simply: Find Your Calling. It was a haunting call to action for many--especially for us baby boomers who are staring at retirement with no money saved right in the face. Yeah right Oprah, how are we gonna pull off a career change, go back to school, take a pay cut, get the kids through college, when we don't even have a plan in place to retire comfortably!

But that's when you realize if not now, when? None of us are getting any younger. Somehow, some way, we all have to take the time to steer back to that inner flame still flickering inside. It's that dream you never fullfilled. For me, it's so clear and simple. Writing. It is something I have loved doing for as long as I can remember. When I write, I am in a pure, joyous space. I feel closer to being in a zen state than when I try to meditate. I am completely in the moment.

So like the millions of other people that took Oprah's last words to heart, I am sorting out what baby steps I have to take to make a dream come true. As breast cancer survivors, I believe Oprah's words of wisdom take on even more weight. We've been given a second chance at life. Let's not waste it.

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