Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today we give thanks to our mothers. Of course everyone has one, and if you are lucky enough to still have your mom alive, you will probably take her some place nice to eat and give her a card. If you're like me who's mom lives 2,000 miles away, you make sure she gets a card and a gift or flowers.

Yesterday my mom was bemoaning the fact that once again, because she lives in Florida and her kids and grandkids live in Connecticut, she would be spending Mother's Day without us. I didn't know what to say to that. I spent a week with her in Aruba last April, and I will be seeing mom for a good part of the summer. But it's tough to hop a plane for every little celebratory day.

Earlier, on Good Morning America, a survey said the key to happiness is a strong foundation of close relationships with family and friends. "That means it's important to get on that plane when your sister just had a baby, or attend that high school reunion," said the journalist. I'm proud to report I'm the first one to make a reservation when there's an upcoming wedding and I did attend my high school reunion last year. I get that it matters.

I also get that a card in the mail and a UPS-delievered package of perfume is a hollow consolation prize that can't take the place of spending a beautiful Spring day with your kids. What to do? I wish I were with my mom today.

It's on a day like this that I also realize the hole in my life for not being a mom. That's when I start treating my three cats like the kids I never had. A mom is someone who cares, nurtures, protects, and loves unconditionally. I do all of that for my pets. Call me crazy, but I feel being the adopted mom to three animals that were once homeless or rescued is better than being no mom at all. There's something joyous about being a mom, and in my own quirky way, I think I'm pretty good at the role.

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