Thursday, June 23, 2011

Participating In Yale Medical School Breast Cancer Study

My oncologist, Dr. Neil Fischbach, gave a recommendation to Yale Medical School for me to participate in a 12-month study on how exercise helps alleviate the side effects of medications that estrogen-positive breast cancer survivors must take for at least 5 years. I am honored to participate in this study since I have complained numerous times in this blog how much I hate taking Arimidex. The joint pain and hot flashes drive me nuts. This study is an attempt to show show how doing weight training at least twice a week and engaging in at least 90 minutes of aerobic exercise once a week will help and encourage women to keep taking their medications because the negative side effects will be less prevalent.

I spent an hour and a half filling out paper work today. Starting tomorrow for seven days I have to wear a pedometer to track my activity level. Next week, I undergo blood tests, a DEXA bone scan and tread mill test. If I pass all this screening I will get a personal trainer twice a week and nutritionist to help me improve my physical endurance and overall health.

I am psyched! Who said breast cancer doesn't have its perks!

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