Saturday, July 9, 2011

Breast Reconstruction: Keep Tweaking Till You're Happy

Yesterday, I underwent my seventh surgery in three years in order to further tweak my slightly lopsided breasts. When I went on my Mediterranean Cruise a years ago, I noticed in the vacation pictures that my left breast looked noticeably smaller when I wore T-shirts. Those pictures bothered my so much that I deleted them from my camera. I thought I was stuck with a left boob half a size smaller than the right one until I went for my annual check-up last spring. I voiced my complaint to Dr. Ott. She took a quick look and said,"Here's what were gonna do. Replace your left implant with a bigger one, suction out some fat from the right breast and transfer it to the top of the left breast, to fix the scar dent that makes your cleavage less than perfect."

Yesterday, mission accomplished! The reason for this lopsidedness, is because the radiation had prevented my left breast from getting plumper over time while the right breast continued to grow! So if any of you out there are less than satisfied with your current breast reconstruction, keep going back to your doctor to fix the problem. In case you didn't know, these surgeries are covered under the law. Bill Clinton signed a bill in 1998 stating that any women who has had breast cancer is entitled to have breast reconstruction covered by their insurance. This is federal law! So my advise is to go for it!

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