Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Do The Next Right Thing

A few months ago I was invited to this support group meeting that allowed women to vent about current situations and figure out how to go about solving issues that come in and out everyone's life through a revolving door. One women offered this simple pearl of wisdom: Just keep asking yourself, what's the next right thing to do and everything will work out fine.

I've been using that little gem of advise lately and I'm amazed at how just stopping for a minute to dig into my soul and put my best foot of integrity forward is such a simple act. Yet it's not always the easy path. It's easier to buy on impulse than put money aside. It's less complicated to tell someone you are too busy and not extend yourself than to jump in a work hard for a volunteer project. And yet, when you do the right thing, you ulitmately feel so much better about yourself. I also truly believe the good karma that comes back to you by doing the right thing will be ten-fold.

I am learning to go beyond lip service and stand up for what I believe in. The death of Betty Ford has made me realize, once again, there is never a day that goes where I cannot make some kind of positive difference. I cleaned out a lot of crap out of my closet this past weekend and was ashamed to find boxed of new shoes on the top shelf that I never worn once. Most of those shoes cost more than $25--many were closer to $50. And there they sat doing nothing but taking up space.

I figured that money could have gone towards one of my two pet causes--breast cancer or animal rights and protection. I bought a $19 monthly membership to the American Humane Association--and that felt a hell of a lot better than any DSW shoe sale!

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