Monday, September 5, 2011

Stick With What Works

As I continue striving to reclaim my fitness with the help of Scott, my HOPE study trainer, I've come to a realization. When you find yourself stuck in a rut, look back to your past to remember how you got unstuck.

I don't mind the 30-minute weight training I do twice a week with Scott, but quite frankly it's not hard enough. When alternate trainer Dan filled in for Scott one week, he said I was perhaps the strongest among the participating HOPE study women at the Sacred Heart college gym. That said, he promptly started increasing my weights on all the machines, which I appreciated. At least I felt sore the next day. But even after a month, I don't feel my body has undergone a huge transformation.

So I started to think about the years from 1998-2001 when I was in great shape. I remembered how I got that way. When I lived in Stamford, the high school track happened to be right behind my building, so from spring till fall I got back there and ran at least twice a week. Then my ex-sister-in-law turned me on to The Bar Method exercise classes. I usually got to a class about twice a week. Between the running and the exercise classes I remember my body being rock solid and strong, even if I still could have losed some weight.

I felt good in my clothes. I got lots of dates. Men who took me out acknowledged I was in great shape. So I've decided to build upon my past success. I started going back to The Bar Method classes again and got a DVD as a supplement since it's not always easy to go down to Wilton for classes. Of course I will continue with my training with Scott because I made the commitment with the HOPE Study program director. But with these other workout options in place I think I'll start to see more dramatic changes. In fact, just last Friday a store clerk commented: "A few years ago you looked really sick. Now you look healthy and strong." Well that's a step in the right direction.

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