Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Memory of Steve Jobs

Whenever some high-profile person dies of cancer that is around my age I get shaken up.  The old adage? "That's too close to home." So when I flipped open my Mac laptop to see Steve Jobs' face with the inscription: 1955-2011 it was very upsetting.

Why? I am 54 years old.  Steve Jobs was my contemporary. He got cancer, just like me. But he died of the disease and I am still alive. Like billions of people around the globe, Steve Jobs influenced the way I listen to music, the way I communicate over the phone and the way I use my computer.

I love my Macbook Pro. It has become a part of me. The first time I walked into the Stamford mall Apple store to shop for a laptop, it was buzzing with creative energy and jam packed at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I thought: I want to hang with these people! So I dumped my Dell computer, crossed over into Mac land and never looked back.

The price of entry was high, but soon realized superior technology is worth every penny--especially in this day and age. I quit buying Nissan cars and turned to a Volkswagen Beetle for the very same reason. In my opinion, the Germans have the market cornered when it comes to car engineering. Steve Jobs always raised the bar when it came to computers--right down to their sleek, space-age designs.

Steve is leaving a big black hole in our culture--that will effect the entire world. I am crying tonight because we lost a great American talent today far too soon.  He is irreplaceable.

Let us all be inspired by one of the great legends of our day. Long after we are dead, he will be immortalized as a visionary in our culture. We are all very fortunate to have lived among a true genius.

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  1. He is really a genius. An inspiration to so many people. Let his sole RIP.