Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laugh At Yourself

Every time I began a new stage of cancer treatment--chemo, surgery, radiation--I would get another round of telephone calls, cards and gifts from family and friends. Conversations would begin with heavy concern: How are you holding up? Are you REALLY Okay?
After I lost my hair, I told them the benefits of no hair styling maintenance--it takes 15 minutes less to get ready for work in the morning! The way I disguised my bald head, what with the hats, the earrings, the sunglasses--people just took me for some over-the-top fashionista anyway. When the Dunkin' Donuts gals told me to Work It Girl, I replied: Hey, when you're bald, you've gotta pull out all the stops!
Right before my first mastectomy, my uncle called and asked how I felt. I replied: I guess I'm going to have to give up that dream of becoming a stripper. He got a good laugh over that one. I relayed stories to family and friends about how I used breast cancer to my advantage. Like the time a cop pulled me over. I pulled back my wig to give him a peek of my bald head and said, please officer, I am late for my chemo appointment, I have cancer. He didn't give me a ticket and let me go.
That's what I call pulling out your Platinum Cancer Card. When I was digging for money to get coffee one day and clearly looked frazzled, I commented to no one in particular: I have cancer! The women standing behind me immediately stepped up to the counter and said, I'll pay. Okay, so I milked it  for what it was worth. It was actually a bit fun.
The point is, I tried to see some humor in the situation. It's a great coping mechanism. I had gone my whole life without spending a night in the hospital and suddenly within a year I had three major surgeries. But there was no point in whining about it. So I decided to enjoy the attention and look at the situation from a lighter point of view. Perhaps that's why everyone said I had such a great attitude. They tell you, one of the best ways to battle cancer is to remain positive. I did that by keeping my humor. Trust me, it works!
Since Breast Cancer Awareness month is right around the corner, why not give to an organization that not only fights breast cancer, but does it with the same light-hearted way I battled the disease. The Save The Ta Tas mission?  Laughter Heals. Buy yourself or a friend a T-Shirt with the Save The Ta Tas logo by simply going to the website,
By doing so, you will not only be contributing to the cure for breast cancer, you will be giving people a good laugh when they see what your T-Shirt says: Save The Ta Tas! Now that's the fighting spirit!


  1. I love the fact that you us humor to help in your situation, although I am sorry that you are going through this. Sometimes Laughter can me the best medicine! Keep being beautiful and strong :) You inspire me and Im sure so many more! I just did a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk Oct 15th with a Dear friend of mine that sadly we lost her Mother this June 16th to Breast Cancer and it was a very Bitter Sweet Moment but we know she was there with us every step :) Keep that beautiful head held high and know you inspire so many and keep laughing! Hugs!

  2. Finding humor where ever you can is the only thing that keeps us sane some days. I love your sense of humor and attitude...You are an inspiration...much love and respect..<3 -Jessie

  3. You are strong and very brave.You have kept a positive outlook instead of letting this bring you down and have helped the ones who love you cope thru your sense of humor. You are simply beautiful and nothing short of amazing.Thank you for sharing your story. <3

  4. kathryn20000 twitterOctober 23, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    I read above and your quite a positive person! I do wish you well,and will pray for you. I just lost my mom Monday,in her battle against cancer. I don't mean to frgihten you,or discourage you. Mom was also a diabatic,and foot infection,really made it awful.We just moved mom & dad from Bath,Maine to Tulson,Oklahoma only 3 weeks ago.She stubbed her big toe,never told any of us.It turned into infection,and well,she passed away.I read your blog above,and you just reminded me of how my mom was.Bless you for your courage and humor,to aid you in your battle.I bet holidays are o hoot with you! :-} kathryn20000