Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make Every Moment Count

This morning I looked at Daria's bucket list of 29 things she wanted to do before she died.  On that list, her husband Don made the final edit and crossed off 10 things Daria had gotten done. Among them: Try out a new profession, walk a marathon,  get a college diploma, volunteer, make a difference in someone's life, perform a kind deed to one stranger, see a Broadway musical, die peacefully.

Some of the things Daria didn't get to do before she died? Start a charity or foundation, visit Hawaii, fly first class, conquer her biggest fear, go on a cruise, achieve her ideal weight, beat the odds and live a long life. Daria had so many things she wanted to do, see and accomplish in her life and she didn't even get to do half of them. She had four good years before her cancer returned and 10 years between when her cancer was first diagnosed and when she died.

I look at my own bucket list of 10 things I want to do, and so far, I've only crossed off four things I've gotten done. Of course, a bucket list is subject to change all the time. Last year, a Mediterranean cruise was on my list and since I went on one in 2010, it's no longer on the list. Other things, like renovating my kitchen have to do with my town house being crooked. I can't do any renovations until excavators build a subwall along the back because the foundation has to be realigned. Until that gets done, all home projects are on hold because cabinets and windows could be crooked, blah, blah, blah.

In the meantime, I can get other things done. As you can see from previous blogs, I'm working on the weight thing. I will be attending my friend Allison's daughter's wedding in three weeks.  There is one thing that has become a top priority since I got cancer: ALWAYS make time for family or friends. Whether it's a celebration or crisis, just be there. The point is, keep your bucket list in front of you and cross off whatever you can. You just never know when your number is up and it will be too late to do the things you always dreamed of and get what you want done.

A bucket list is an ever-changing thing and should always be amended.  If you crossed everything off the list, it would be gone, and you would have nothing to strive for, nothing to look forward to. One thing for sure, Daria's bucket list was very ambitious. When you are staring death in the eye, you want to make every moment count.

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