Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting Financial Assistance While Undergoing Treatment

I was lucky when I was going through my breast cancer treatment. I chose not to take short-term disability and continue to work. My boss knew Wednesday was my chemo day and I would hit a wall 48 hours after that so he let me go home on Fridays at 3pm. When I had to go through my mastectomy surgery, he kept me on the pay roll and conveniently forgot to record sick days.

I know other breast cancer survivors are not as fortunate and struggle to make it financially while undergoing treatment. Because I work on commission my pay check was reduced and I did have to reach out for some financial assistance. I discovered it wasn't that hard. In my area, there is a local organization called Swim Across The Sound. If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment, you can submit your utility bills to the foundation and they will pay them. I remember giving them my heat and electric bills and they paid right away. Go to the website, for more information.

In Florida there is The Donna Foundation that will pay utility bills and mortgage payments for women currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. Visit the site, for more information.

When you find yourself in financial straits simply start Googling: financial assistance for breast cancer patients. You would be surprised at what pops up. I attended a breast cancer support group while undergoing treatment and was amazed at how one woman got her mortgage paid, her utility and grocery bills paid and even got a complimentary weekend retreat thanks to the organizations she tapped for help.  She started with a big one too--The Amercian Cancer Society. So don't fear fellow survivors, there's lots of help out there. Just do your research and you will find it.


  1. Marcy thanks for joining my blog and the great advise you have on financial assistance. I know I'm going through a rough patch right now. Overwhelmed trying to live and broke all in a nutshell.

    Alli XX

  2. I am a small business owner who owned her own small consulting firm for many years prior to moving to Louisiana. After moving to LA and wanting to purchase a home I had to find full time employment in order to meet the mortgage requirements. This was no problem - I immediately found a financially solid position ... in May of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and soon after that the surgeon found not only that I had a tumor in my breast but a fairly large one in my lymph gland. I had surgery and I'm now cancer free - I've just completed chemo and am about to start radiation.
    Unfortunately I started my own company again at the beginning of 2012 and of course didn't have a stable income during this time ... I've managed to get through so far with a variety of small assignments and managed payments so that I was covered until now. I am now one month in arrears with my mortgage and I'm very worried that I won't be able to make my October payment either. I have spoken to the bank - they have no short term solutions, only permanent ones that I don't qualify for!
    Are there any funds out there that can be loaned for a short period of time until a cancer survivor gets back on their feet? I expect that by November I will be earning money again and will be able to pay my mortgage and a small part of the back payment. Month by month the back payments will be paid off - it is a short term situation but one that is at risk of leaving me homeless!
    Does anyone know of a resource that might be able to help?

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