Friday, November 25, 2011

Seeing Yourself 20 Years Ago

Last night after Thanksgiving dinner my brother dragged out old family movies of holidays past. It was really surprising to watch myself on film some 20 years ago. I looked so young! So did my brother. We both got a little depressed at the realization of how much we had aged. Perhaps that's why I haven't brought out old photo albums to look at in a long time.

Like so many of my Baby Boomer contemporaries,  I forgot how thin I once was, how my eyes were wider and my face was higher. Even my mannerisms and voice has changed since then. I would like to believe that some good things do come with age, but when you break it down to the physical realm there's not too much to be happy about.

Well....maybe there's one good thing. I think my taste in clothes has gotten a lot better over time. The outfits I was wearing were just plain awful! And those gauche earrings and jewelry? What the hell was I thinking?

You would think with all the medical advances that have come along, someone would finally come up with a potion you can drink to make you look 25 years old again.  Just think, if I had my youth back and dressed well, plus all the wisdom of my 54 years, I would be unstoppable!


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