Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Hear Your Voices--Arimidex Relief

For the past three years I have found great joy writing this blog. As I analyze what most of you want to read, I've found many of you are seeking relief from the side effects of aromatose inhibitors such as Arimidex.

I am currently part of a study at Yale University, which aims to prove how regular weight training and cardio exercise alleviates the side effects of these estrogen-positive medications for breast cancer survivors. I wish I could wave a magic wand to stop your aches and pains, but right now I can only offer what works for me.

First, get out and move your body as often as possible. We are all different so our exercise routines will vary. Think back to your childhood on the sports activities that you loved. For some of you it might be running. For others perhaps it's tennis or dancing. Go back to that passion and just DO IT. And do it regularly. That will help with the stiffness and joint pain and it will be easy to do because you love doing it!

Here's something else I discovered. Before you go to bed at night, make note of where your pain and stiffness is. Then go into your bathroom and dig up that hot water red rubber bottle. Fill it up with steaming hot water and take it to bed with you.  Place it wherever the muscle and joint pain is. For me, it's the back of my neck. Once I place it on my pillow and lay back, I sleep like a baby. No one told me about this. I just figured it out on my own. It's working.

Besides the problem of aromatose side effects , many of you have been searching for financial assistance to help tide you over while undergoing treatment. I have directed you to some websites that may be able to give you financial help. To start, just google financial assistance for cancer patients.  I have some bigger dreams about how I might be able to help with this issue. But for now,  just google away till you find something.

To all of you battling breast cancer, keep thinking about what you love to do. Everyday do just one thing that honors that passion. For me, it's writing this blog.

It's a step in the right direction.

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