Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just Trying To Get By

In my lifetime so far, I've been a baby sitter,  department store salesperson, waitress, beauty queen,  part-time model, flight attendant, editor and writer, bartender, and currently a sales rep selling internet advertising. I took a beating with only two sales during the month of December. With the holidays behind us, business is finally picking up again.

What I find difficult sometimes is the endless and persistant pounding on doors to make a sale happen. I realize that I should be grateful just to have a job, since I have some family members that have been out of work for well over a year. I like the fact that I'm not tied to a desk all day long.

I just get worn down by the hard-hitting wheeling and dealing when hammering out a deal. At the end of the transaction I am often mentally and emotionally exhausted. I've been selling for a living since the second half of 2004 and I believe it has hardened me.

When I have a bad week selling I long for the days as an editor sitting at my desk cranking out a story when the only pressure I felt was meeting a deadline. Those were the days.

The growing usage of the internet has significantly shrunk the pool of trade magazine editors that companies need. And that's what I did for 16 years. For instance, this accessories trade magazine that I worked at for three years went from 12 issues a year to 6 issues a year all because of the internet. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they only need half the staff they used to have.

Anyway,  I feel fortunate that I know how to both hustle a product or write to keep the bills paid. 

Like so many others these days, I'm just trying to get by. 

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