Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doctor Appointments

I'm coming up on four years as a breast cancer survivor as of this March. When I went to get more free samples of Crestor from the doctor that originally found the lump in my left breast, I was reminded that my three month blood work tests were way overdue. So I obliged to have my blood taken last Wednesday so Patsy can meet with me next Tuesday to go over the results.

I guess you can run but you can't hide. I'm very good at burying my head in the sand and ignoring the myriad of issues I must face head on. Last year, they said my liver was not quite right so they gave me a sonogram. Everything was fine. I just have a fatty liver.  It has to do with high cholestrol. Now what are they going to say this year? 

Ever since I turned 50, I have yet to get a clean bill of health. It's always something. Blood sugar, high cholestrol, weight, breast cancer. I am supposed to see the doctor every three months. With those visits comes the inherent anxiety they will find cancer somewhere else in my body. 

I reason that if something weren't right, I would feel sick. But when they found the lump, I felt perfectly fine. That's why cancer is an insidious disease. Anyway, Patsy is the one that saved my life before, so I guess I should do what she tells me and keep getting my blood work done.

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