Sunday, February 12, 2012

From Hair To Eternity

Yesterday I decided to amp up the blonde.  So I called Barry to do highlights because they don't turn out brassy.  He knows he's good and charges $150 for them, which is why I only have them done once every six months. But when I got to the salon, they told me Barry called in sick. Not to worry, the new owner of the salon said, she was perfectly capable of taking over the job. I was skeptical.

I don't let just anyone mess with my hair--especially since I finally got it all back after chemo. I went through a long, hard journey sporting severely short, mousy brown hair with foreign curls. There was not much I could do with it, so I just waited--and waited--for it to grow out into something halfway flattering.

I vowed to get my hair at least medium length. That's when I was reminded how difficult and time-consuming it is to keep my hair looking good. The longer it gets, the more limp and lifeless it looks. Finally I got frustrated over too many bad hair days and went short last fall. Now I'm in this in-between zone, not quite sure which way to go.

That's also where I stood regarding going back to the pale blonde I once was. I brought the bright beacon of my head down a notch and felt being an ashe blonde was more classy for my age. Some people liked the new, darker blonde me. Some people didn't. My mother told me to kick-up the hightlights again. When I saw my old friend Allison after 15 years, she commented: "Oh, you have low lights now," and didn't say anything more. I got the hint.

So yesterday I went back to the platinum-blonde highlights. I got pissed off when I asked them how much they charged to which the owner replied: well how much did Barry charge? I wouldn't tell her. I felt she should charge me what their regular rates were--like $120. But the cashier looked in the data base and said Barry charged me $150. So it was $150 I had to fork up.

Not that I'm completely dissatisfied. It just felt like they were trying to get every last nickel out of me in my quest to go back to my bright-blonde status. Beauty always has a price.  Unfortunately, when you get into your  50s, that price seems to get higher and higher.

Besides the hair, there's the nail and eyebrow maintenance. Then there's the makeup and moisturizers that need to work harder to cover the under-eye shadows and wrinkles. That's just all the stuff to help make your face look good. Body maintenance is a whole other story. At this age, the beauty maintenance just never ends.

I guess I should just be thankful that finally, I have an old, familiar problem: What should I do with my hair?

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