Saturday, March 17, 2012

Remembering My Dad

It was two years ago today that my dad passed away. The fact that it was sudden was a good thing. His health had deteoriated immensely within three years and his dementia was clearly wearing my mom down. We all agreed that when he went out at 7:30pm on St. Patrick's day to take the garbage out and my mom found him in the garage dead 30 minutes later,  that such a swift exit from this earth was a blessing.

But of course it was also a shock. A year before dad died, I had reconstruction surgery on March 21. My mom and dad drove up from Florida to take care of me. It was a good thing they did, because the surgery took a bad turn and I ended up in intensive care for three days and stayed in the hospital for a week. Because of all the damage on my left side due to radiation, the tram flap surgery was unsuccessful. They had to redo the surgery the next July.

I will never forget that horrible time and I don't know how I would have managed if my parents weren't there. When my brother had knee replacement nine months later and also had complications, mom and dad raced up from Florida, only to have their car break down in New Jersey. Triple A had to tow their car over 100 miles to Connecticut and they didn't arrive until 3am in the morning. My poor parents were shaken and exhausted.

Once again, they came to take care of their kids--at whatever cost. My dad could drive us nuts with his stubborness and quirks, but he did the best he could.  So here's to you dad! Happy St. Patrick's day in heaven.

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