Saturday, June 9, 2012

Place of Peace

I have been wrangling with depression since January because I think I should be in a better place at 55 years old. Now that I have a therapist to help clarify my thinking, I've given up on dreams of winning the lottery to solve my problems. It is dawning on me that the best way to start on the right path toward change is to stop looking at what you don't have (self-pity) and start looking at what you do have (gratitude). By doing that, you can access the positives in your life. That upbeat attitude helps energize you to get to work and do what's necessary to make change for the better.

Of late, I've been  posting videos and articles from Maria Shriver's blog. She is a perfect example of how the life she knew collapsed before her very eyes when her marriage disintegrated. Now, a year later, she is stronger, more empowered and clearly happier after going through a painful journey. That experience is the perfect template to show us all how to climb out of grief and moved into a place of peace.

Here's another nugget of wisdom I got from someone: Just do the right thing as you move through each day. If you do that, with the passage of time, life starts to get better. Access the integrity that sits in your heart as you make even the most mundane choices. Do I go to the store to buy something? Or should I walk by the river instead? Do I sit by the pool drinking a bottle of wine all afternoon? Or should I clean the house and change the kitty litter? It is your choice to do the right thing.

If you do that, at end of the day you will surely fall asleep in a place of peace.

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