Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road Trip!

I've always been a spontaneous kind of gal--especially when I travel. For people in my life that can either be delightful or annoying as hell. One friend of mine--whose is a lot like me--breathes a sigh of relief when I say: Spontaneity rules the day. While another friend sees red when I  make my pat comment: Let's play it by ear.

Whenever I make my annual summer jaunt to a seaside getaway, it is always at the last minute so I can be sure the weather is perfect. Once I get a five-day forecast with a string of at least three days of perfect beach weather, I'm on the phone making last-minute reservations. It works out fine.

This year I had a hard time deciding where to go. I've been to Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard more than enough times. I used to go to The Hamptons years ago but that doesn't seem appealing now. I've vacationed on the Jersey Shore in Wildwood and Cape May two years in a row with a former boyfriend. Last year I went to Ogunquit and Kennebunkport, Maine.

Since I drove my Mini Cooper all the way down to Tennessee last May for a double graduation,  I didn't want to drive that far this summer. Connecticut's neighboring state--Rhode Island--is but an hour and a half away, so off I headed to The Ocean State. I revisited Block Island, which I hadn't been to since 2000.

While riding a bike around the island I realized it has built up a lot in 12 years. When I arrived at the North shore near the light house, I  discovered all these "rock towers" otherwise known as kairns along the beach. After I left the island to stay in Narragansett, RI, I found more of these rock towers on that beach as well. I asked a few locals who this rock sculpturist was. No one had the answer, but they all agreed it was just one person who spent time on practically every beach on Rhode Island leaving his mark behind with his vast landscape of rock art.

So I posted some of my rock garden pictures on facebook, and one of my friends said she had caught a picture of this mysterious man building rocks along a Rhode Island beach. No one knew his name they just called him a "local nut."

I  never realized how serene and pristine the Rhode Island beaches are--it was so relaxing wallowing away the day by the sea. I also checked out the Tennis Hall of Fame museum in Newport. But my favorite part of the trip was taking endless pictures of those rock sculptures in every possible light--morning, afternoon and at sunset.

Who knew a two-hour trip from home could be a place of natural beauty and a haven of serenity? Weather permitting, I'm going back the weekend after Labor Day because I hate crowds and want to enjoy one more peaceful day at the beach before summer comes to an end. And just maybe I'll find out who that mysterious rock artist is.

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  1. I love this spontaneous kind of gal :)
    Marcy, you're an heroine! You are a mirror for other women who are struggling with breast cancer! Best wishes for you all!