Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's Wrong With Flip-Flopping?

This year I had a transformation. I became a Republican. But don't label me. I still stand by most all the Democratic ideals. So maybe I'm just a Democrat walking around in Republican clothes. Or maybe I'm just a flip flopper like Governor Romney.  Regardless, I'm voting for him. That's big. Because last summer I wasn't even going to vote.

I was bitterly dissapointed in Obama's performance over the past four years. I voted for him in 2008 and felt betrayed by his broken promises. Yet I was terrified of Mitt Romney becoming president because I perceived him as a hard-core conservative. And hard-core conservatism is so totally not me.

Those who know me would agree. I have always been the token Democrat in my family. I've annoyed my fair share of friends by going off on tangents over the rights of women, gays and lesbians. As the recipient of a college degree from Hunter College in New York City, I thrived in a breeding ground for liberalism. For most of my life, being a Democrat has been an integral part of my identity. I wouldn't dream of changing my party affiliation anymore than I would think of dyeing my hair color from blonde to brunette.

That changed last August  when my mother casually suggested that I listen to Governor Romney's acceptance speech at the GOP convention. As I sat on the couch firmly entrenched in skeptism, Romney jolted me out of complacency when he looked directly into the camera and asked: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Suddenly, I felt as though Governor Romney was sitting in the living room asking me the question. I thought about it for a minute. And the answer was clear. No. I am NOT better off. Romney dug deeper into the question. He noted that the average American is making $4,000 less than they were four years ago. For me, that was right on the money. Just like a masterful salesman, Romney pointed out the problem and suggested he had the solution. He got my attention.

Romney reiterated that if he were to become president he would focus on creating more jobs and strengthening the economy. These are the two issues that have impacted me the most and they are also the issues that Obama failed to improve upon.

Yes, I know Governor Romney is pro-life. But he has stated clearly that if he is elected into office, his top priority isn't to overturn Roe versus Wade. The greatest president in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan, who was also pro-life and he brought Sandra Day O'Connor into the Supreme Court!

And guess what? Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was also a Democrat before he first ran for mayor as a Republican back in 2005. So both of these great politicians did some flip-flopping--just like Governor Romney

Which brings me back to my own flip-flopping. Fresh out of college, no one could tell me that abortion was wrong--under any circumstances. Then in one year I had not one, but two miscarriages. Faced with the fact that I was reproductively-challenged, I began to see the value of women giving up unwanted children for adoption. Why destroy the miracle of life when it can be such a blessing to a childless couple?

I have gone back to being pro-choice, but aren't people allowed to re-examine their own beliefs? It is the hallmark of spiritual growth. That is why I respect Governor Romney's evolving views on this issue. When a bill involving stem-cell research came across his desk, he again had to do some soul-searching. He changed his mind because he continually asks himself: what's morally right?

Romney has a high moral compass. In fact,  I would be willing to bet the Obama camp has spent months digging for skeletons in Romney's closet--to no avail. They probably can't even find a moment  on tape when the Governor has accidentally cursed. He is that squeaky clean. After so many womanizing presidents (Roosevelt, JFK, Clinton) and just plain crooks (Richard Nixon) in office, it would be so refreshing to have a president with such flawless integrity. What's more, he has job credentials to boot.

Not that Obama isn't a good man, too. I am happy that I did my part to put the first black president in office. But it has not worked. Our economy is on the brink of collapse. When something is failing you need to move on to another plan.

Like President Reagan, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Romney I am guilty of changing my mind and walking away from the Democratic party. I am still staunchly supportive of a women's right to choose abortion and same-sex marriage. Maybe I am just a Democrat betting on a Republican to save this country. Call me a a flip-flopper but I'm voting for Governor Romney!

Flip-Floppers For Romney

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