Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Power Within

When you are going through breast cancer treatment, your whole life feels like it's spinning out of control. First, you have no control over your body. Once, when I was driving home from work--two days after chemo--I felt this wave of exhaustion. I had no other choice but to pull into a rest stop on I 95 and take a nap in my car for 30 minutes before I continued my journey home.

You get sick. You may get an infection. And you can't do half the things you used to be able to do on any given day. What can you do? Enlist the support of others to help you do what must get done.

Do your best to maintain a sense of normalcy in your life. That is why I elected to work. My boss was very flexbile about letting me go home early on Fridays when chemo side effects started kicking in.

You can't control feeling ill. What can you do?  Plan ahead. You will start to know how and when your body starts reacting to chemo and radiation Make sure you are in a safe place--like at home on your couch when you get sick. I had to learn this the hard way. On Wednesdays I would have chemo and usually 48 hours after treatment--on Fridays--the side effects would begin. After my third or fourth treatment, I decided to take a day trip to New York City on Saturday, which is 90 minutes away from where I live. In the afternoon I got deadly ill. The only way I managed to drive home way by eating lots of candied ginger, which I picked up in Chinatown. It helps with nauseau. Good to know.

Just do your best and cut yourself some slack. This too, will pass. Know that the pain you feel today is all in the name of saving your life. Keep your chin up and carry on. You can control the way you manage your life while going through treatment. And that's how you use the power within.

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