Saturday, December 8, 2012

Keep The Music Playing

This past week we lost the great jazz maestro, Dave Brubeck. If you don't recognize the name, listen to the song Take 5. It will probably spark some kind of memory. For me, his music played in my household since I was a toddler. He burst onto the scene two years after I was born--in 1959. My mother tells me she would play his breakout record over and over again. My dad loved it too.

That is why I was so thrilled to take my mom to the Newport Jazz Festival back in August 2007 where Dave Brubeck headlined on Saturday of the event.  It was a pleasure to see mom get so excited as he started playing his signature rendition Take Five on the gray brick stage surrounded by blue waters and boats bobbing in the waves.

My mom and I went back to the Newport Jazz Festival a year later--in August 2008--and took Joe along. Dave was there playing on the stage once again. He was a regular fixture at the Newport Jazz Festival and would often team up for duets with other jazz greats like Tony Bennett and Wynton Marsalis.  That summer I was going through chemo. I had just finished my last treatment on July 16. I remember Joe bought me this cute blue straw hat from one of the vendors at the festival. I put it on to cover my bald head.

I was still reeling from the side-effects of chemo and was going into the hospital to have a mastectomy the next week. But on that glorious summer day, with the sweet sound of jazz floating all around me, I didn't have a care in the world.

Spending the day at the Newport Jazz Festival was great therapy during my treatment. In fact, that summer I listened to a lot of live music. Joe and I went to two Irish festivals, the Oyster Festival where we saw The Pointer Sisters and Live At Five to see Gato Barbieri. I highly recommend it. I love music and can't imagine life without it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again. Indulging in your passions is one of the best ways to battle cancer.

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