Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Than Just A Pretty Face....

Bradley Cooper. Handsome and so much more.
I finally found the man of my dreams. The only problem is I am one of many millions of other women who also think this guy is the man of their dreams. It's Bradley Cooper.

Ever since I saw Bradley act in the movie Silver Linings Playbook last month, I have been fascinated by this up-and-coming leading man. The more I see him on the talk shows, the more I read about him, the more I admire him. Sure, Bradley is handsome. But the baby blues, scruffy beard, and striking profile just scratches the surface of this man's appeal.

First of all, look at how Bradley directed his career. You can see he got where he is through sheer discipline and hard work. The first time I remember seeing him was in the movie Wedding Crashers. At the time, I thought, who is this jerk? I hate him. Which goes to show how powerful Bradley's acting was from the beginning.

After I saw him in The Hangover, I was surprised how he could turn from this unlikeable character to a guy's guy that is utterly irresistible. Then I saw Limitless and it was clear to me--and so many others--that Bradley Cooper was an Oscar-worthy actor. Silver Linings Playbook sealed that deal when he got an Oscar nomination for playing the bi-polar Pat Solitano. Bradley's performance in this film gripped me to the core.

When I started seeing Bradley relentless promoting this gem of a movie on the TV talk-show circuit, Bradley graciously opened himself up to the world. His impeccable class was evident when he thanked each and every host for inviting him at the outset of every show. When he talked about how he put his career on hold to care for his dying dad, it made me cry. The fact that he lives with his mom and is taking her to the Oscars is too damned endearing. His humble, awe shucks response in interviews praising his talent makes us ladies collectively swoon. Bradley can act like a bad boy, but he's a sweet and sensitive guy in real life--plain and simple.

On top of all that, he rescued his dog Charlotte from an animal shelter. He doesn't drink. He loves to cook. He speaks fluent French.  He's not afraid to cry--as evidenced when he returned to his alma mater The Actor's Studio--to sit in that coveted chair next to James Lipton. I mean really, what's not to love about this guy?

In many ways, Bradley reminds me of the late Paul Newman. As a Connecticut resident, I had seen Paul riding unassumingly in his beat-up pick-up truck  filled with lumber, heading out to build housing for Habitat for Humanity. Newman founded The Whole in The Wall Gang for children with terminal cancer. Paul Newman used his celebrity to better the world.

Bradley is on the same track. He's gone twice to Washington DC to advocate raising awareness for mental illness. It's evident he is a great humanitarian in the making. You can see he genuinely likes people and doesn't take his fame for granted. The joy he feels over the possibility of winning an Oscar is contagious. If you saw his amazing performance in Silver Linings Playbook, how could you not root for him?

Bradley Cooper has the utmost integrity, kindness and class. He's got the whole package. If only he could clone himself. If only a factory could use him as a template and produce thousands of Bradley Cooper's that could be sent out into the world. That way, all of us women who love Bradley Cooper so much would at least have a shot at living out our dream with the perfect man.