Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stay Grateful

If you've come to visit this blog, thanks and take a moment to scroll down and look at my Blog List. So far, three bloggers on my list have died. They are fallen victims to this dreadful disease, breast cancer. Their blogs are now their obituaries.

I often wonder if my blog will end the same way. Every time I look at the mounting blog sites with their last entries: The Fight is Over,  Daria's Funeral Service, Dina's Memorial Information, I think, who's next, me?

This past week marks two important anniversaries. On Wednesday, March 12, I celebrated five years as a cancer survivor. And tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day March 17, will mark three years since my dad passed away.

This weekend I am spending time to reflect on these important days and how they impacted my life. Last night, Melissa's twin sister posted a video of her sibling undergoing chemotherapy to battle lung cancer. Just two months after she passed her five-year anniversary as a cancer survivor, she died last December. Melissa was my co-worker and we battled cancer at the same time. I made it,  she didn't. After six weeks at Yale Hospital on a respirator, she succumbed to the dastardly big C.

My dad had a less hideous death. Thankfully he passed away quickly after a perfect day with my mom, coming home from a St. Patrick's Day party. Unknowingly at this soiree, he kissed and hugged everyone goodbye.

Today I am healthy. I have a roof over my head. I have family. I have friends. If there are parts of my life that I am not happy about, I take full responsibility to change them.

Today I am going to sit in a place of gratefulness. After five years of learning I had cancer, I am still alive.

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