Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thanks For Your Support

One of my co-workers, whose sister is battling metatastic breast cancer, has organized the very first Komen Connectictut walk held in our backyard: Westport, Fairfield County. Of course, when I found out about her team, The Fighting Irish, I knew I had to get on board.
I started fundraising by sending out an email blast and posting my Komen participation page on Facebook. Lo and behold, within two days I exceeded my fundraising goal. I also helped my team put its fundraising goal over the top! I can't believe how quickly family and friends jumped in to help with this worthy cause.

Here's a shout out to all those who gave:

My dear friend of many years, Maggie Zakka
My childhood friend Trish Campbell
My Aunt Sue
My cousin and his wife: Tim and Maria Davidson

My new friend who's generosity was huge: Maxine Sheetz
My old neighbor from Minnesota: Jill Bowman
My dear friend and her family whose mother died of breast cancer: Karen Soucy
My former co-worker and long distance buddy: Molly Phillips
And Mom.

Thank you all for making my fundraising efforts a success!

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