Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Escape

Sunrise on a Montauk beach.
Since the summers are short and sweet in New England, I make it a priority to get  away to one of our many quaint beachside towns, if only for a few days.

After all, health experts say any kind of respite from the daily stress and grind of work is good for your health.  I say its good for your soul. I'm a cancer survivor. I could argue that taking a break is crucial to preventing a recurrence. Before I got cancer, I missed out on a summer reunion trip to Norway because my employer at the time said there was too much work to do so they couldn't authorize me to take seven days off.

Of course, when I left that job, the incident was forgotten and irreverent to them, but I never got over it. I missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime event to meet 150 Norwegian cousins. From then on I learned to stand firm when it comes to my right to take a vacation--especially in the summer.

That being said, this year I opted to take the ferry boat across the Long Island Sound to visit some old stomping grounds: The Hamptons, Amagansett and Montauk. Back in the '80s I got there often since my brother once had a place there. I noted that the barren stretch between East Hampton and Montauk had significantly built up. The town of Montauk, which I remember being sleepy, is now over-crowded with rollicking 20-somethings acting like animals during mating season.

In my day, that's what was going on in East Hampton and Amgansett. But apparently, all those folks have grown up, settled down with kids and are content to huddle close to their cozy cottages and take quiet strolls along the beach. I see them hit the farmer's market in the morning, stocking up on whatever they need to sustain them for the weekend. I've gotta say, that's exactly what I would be doing, too.

How can you not resist the sound of gentle waves lapping at the beach weekend after weekend? When the scene is accompanied by a sunrise or a sunset, it becomes a fond memory for life. At least that's what it does for me.

As I look at the calendar, I see we only have three more precious weeks of August. So far the month has been wet and cool, which is a surprise for this time of year. I want more beach time before this season draws to a close. In keeping with tradition, I've already read two fast-paced novels in a week at home. But they were meant to be enjoyed along the seaside.

So if I have one wish for this month, it is for one more heat wave to fall upon one more August weekend. That way I will have one more day of summer indulgence: Spending a lazy day looking out at the sea.

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