Friday, December 27, 2013

I Did It My Way

As  I have stated numerous time on previous posts, I hate Christmas. But this year was different because I finally put my foot down and stated this is how I want to do it, and if that's not acceptable, I'm bowing out.

Christmas day in Florida with my cousins and brother.
I hadn't gone down to Florida to spend time with my mom, aunt, uncle and cousins for probably 20 years. Neither had my brother because he felt spending Christmas with his sons was more important. This year all the circumstances were perfect to pack our bags and head down there during the holiday season. I made it clear to my brother and mom that I had no intention of buying them gifts, and they should do the same.

What I did want was to throw a great big party. And that's exactly what I did on the Sunday before Christmas. It gave me an opportunity to invite a few old friends over in addition to my family. I started cooking at at 6am in the morning but it was entirely worth it when everyone thanked me for having such a great time.

For me that's what Christmas is all about. Just gathering with all the people you love and hanging out. Forget about running to the mall. That just turns the whole season into a chore. I gotta say this is one of the best Christmases I've had in many years because I finally did it my way.

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