Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sandra Lee Battles Breast Cancer In Style

Sandra Lee--a celebrity chef on The Food Network--has been sharing her tumultuous breast cancer battle with the public for the past six months on social media and every time she posts an update it brings back memories of my own cancer journey.

Sandra Lee at The Emmy Awards
She opened up about her emotional roller coaster ride when she lost  her double D breasts back in May. She had a setback in August due to an infection that landed her back in the hospital for an operation.

In spite of that, she showed her strength and bounced back when she walked down the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in a plunging and stunning ballgown that was clearly designed for a woman with cleavage.

Sandra was sending a clear message to Hollywood and the world that her breasts did not define her or take away from her beauty. The picture says it all. Sandra said the pastel-pink gown had been hanging in her closet for years but she could never fit into it because it was too tight across the chest--what with her being a double D cup size.

As a breast cancer survivor who had six surgeries in order to complete breast reconstruction, Sandra is showing women like her the way back to health is not without a few bumps in the road. But whatever hurdles you must jump, maintaining a fighting spirits gets you to the finish line faster.

Sandra has said: I just want to move on with my life. Oh, how I feel her pain on that point. I remember thinking: For the love of God, when will the chemo, the surgeries and the radiation finally be over? It ended for me and it will end for Sandra, too.

Sandra Lee gets blessed by The Pope for the second time 
After normalcy kicks back into your life for five, six years,you will appreciate someone like Sandra Lee reminding you how very tough that journey was. It's worth taking a moment to feel gratitude.

On that note, I found it interesting that The Pope talked about the importance of daily gratitude at the evening mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City last Thursday night. Sandra Lee was there and The Pope asked that she come forward out of the pews so he could bless her. The next day, at the 9/11 Memorial, The Pope blessed her yet again!

Sandra still has reconstructive surgery ahead of her, which could throw yet more curve balls her way. Then she will probably have to go on medication for five years. But she's been deemed cancer free, she's been blessed by The Pope--twice, and she held her own on the red carpet alongside Hollywood's A-list actresses WITHOUT her Double-Ds.  Not too shabby.