Saturday, October 1, 2016

What If Melania Trump Got Breast Cancer?

Like so many other Americans, I have gotten caught up in the drama of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's ferocious battle to become our next president. Just to be clear, I hate Trump for a multitude of reasons. But amidst all his racial slurs and narcissistic sound bites, what throws me into a rage the most are his sexist comments against women.

The value of  Melania's breasts
Knowing how important a women's looks are to Donald Trump, one can only imagine the pressure Melania Trump must feel to maintain her beauty. By all accounts, it is a full-time job and as she marches towards her 50th birthday, that work sure as hell won't get easier.

In an article written by Elspeth Reev entitled The Horror of Being Melania Trump for the New Republic, she writes: "Melania takes assiduous care of her body, walking with ankle weights, eating seven pieces of fruit a day, and diligently moisturizing her skin." As a model, she knows her looks are at the core of her worth to her husband. And given Donald's history, she also knows her financial stability and luxurious lifestyle depend upon her holding up that beauty currency.

This familiar beauty-power maritial agreement got me thinking. What if life threw Melania a curve ball--as it always does at one point for everyone--and something bad happened to her gilded physicality that was totally out of her control? What if, as Melania Trump indulged in her daily ritual of slathering cream all over her body, she felt a lump and found out she had breast cancer?

I can tell you right now, that would be a total game changer for The Donald. There is a long, recorded history of sordid comments by him on The Howard Stern Show to tell us how he would handle that information. Once Howard Stern asked him: If  Melania Trump were to get into an accident that would disfigure her, would he leave her? Donald's answer?: "Only if her tits survived."

Only if her tits survived. Sooooo. What if Melania Trump had to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery? In that instance, her tits surely would not survive. And even if she got a top-notch plastic surgeon to do her reconstructive work, (which she surely would) those lovely "tits" that Donald Trump values so much would forever after be indelibly scarred.

Even if Melania got Stage 1 breast cancer--at a minimum--she would need a lumpectomy, In which case Melania would most likely survive, but her perfect breasts--God forbid--would be perfect no more. And if we are are to believe Donald's words, that would mean Melania would get kicked to the curb for getting cancer. She would lose her lofty status for getting a disease that 1 out of every 8 women get each year--myself included.

The Donald would then do what he has done twice before: trade Melania in for a new model. Of course, having perfect boobs would be a non-negotiable requirement. Because, as Donald says: "It's hard to be a 10 when you are flat chested." In his view, having a wife with breasts unscathed is more important than looking beyond physical beauty, valuing the spirit of someone you say you love, and being emotionally supportive.

Imagine. Donald Trump standing by his wife during a health crisis that has physically marred the essence of her femininity and still adoring her.  What a novel concept.


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